ULPHAT  (Save One Save All)


Activities Undertaken

Medical Treatment:
A total of 156 children have been treated so far. Majority had cardiac conditions. If ULPHAT had not been involved then the cost would have been 100,00 000 PKR. With the ULPHAT helping the children and getting discounts from the hospitals we were able to cut down the cost to 17 68 000 PKR, which we had generated and spent on treatment.


Medical Camps:

3 – 4 medical camps in a year in partnership with Pakistan navy in coastal areas of Karachi. No cost involved as the logistics and medicines are taken care by Pakistan Navy (SSG, Pak marines and PMSA). More than 600 patients in each camp are seen. We picked 2 – 3 children with cardiac conditions. One child was operated and doing very well. Last year we did 12 medical camps in the coastal belt of Sind and Baluchistan.





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